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50 years ago in August of 1973 the first ever L'Arche Calgary home called  Marymount  was  established  and  thus  began  the  journey!

These past 50 years have been filled with memories, joy, celebration, beautiful traditions, meaningful relationships, countless milestones and so much love! Over the many years, L'Arche Calgary has welcomed hundreds of beautiful people including, Assistants, Core Members, Friends, Family Members, Volunteers, and each person has left a unique imprint on this community that we will always remember and cherish. Now is the time to come together and remember all those amazing memories we made these past 50 years and celebrate the beautiful community that is L'Arche Calgary!

We will  be  celebrating  for  three  days  starting  Friday  August 11th

until  Sunday  August  13th!  We  hope  you  will  be  able  to  join  us

for  one,  two,  or  all   three  days  of   this  monumental  celebration!

Please   see  the   invitations   below  and   RSVP  for   each   event.

 L'Arche Calgary's 

 50th Anniversary 

3 Days of Celebration


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3



You are welcome to join us for one, two, or all three days of the celebration, but  please RSVP for each  event you  will be attending, and 

let us know  by July 21, as the venue  does  have a  maximum  capacity. 


Send us an EMAIL detailing for each person:

​1. Which days you will attend 

(Day 1: yes/no Day 2: yes/no  Day 3: yes/no)

2. Any allergies or dietary restrictions you have 

3. Any other information you want us to know


Rooms are available for booking at the FCJ Christian Life Centre. If you are interested in booking a room please email Annie McNab

We cant wait to celebrate with you!

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