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Tamarack Day Program

Our Day Program is called Tamarack, after a specific kind of North American larch tree. "Tamarack" comes from an Algonquian word, and describes the wood traditionally used to make snowshoes.


The Tamarack Day Program provides engaging programs and activities for Core Members Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Our individualized approach ensures that each person’s day is relevant to their goals, interests, and needs. Core Members participate in individual, small and large group activities. The Tamarack Day Program also emphasizes community service to build relationships and connections with the wider community. Assistants provide support both on-site and on outings. From music therapy to candle-making, there is something for everyone at Tamarack. ​

For more information about the Tamarack Day Program, please visit our Get Involved page, or contact our

Day Program Leader, Lidia Izedonmven

Tamarack Boutique

The Core Members in our Day Program make all kinds of creations that are sold in our Tamarack Boutique, located in our main office. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting L'Arche Calgary programs, and a portion goes to the artist.

If you are interested in making a purchase, you can contact us, schedule a time to shop, or drop by to browse the candles, paintings, jewelry, soap, pottery, woodworking, knit goods, and more!

This gallery includes photos of just some of our Core Member's creations.

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