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Get Involved 

L'Arche Calgary is more than a service provider.


People with intellectual disabilities need support in their everyday lives. In L’Arche, employees and volunteers share their lives and provide assistance with a wide variety of tasks. L’Arche Calgary strives to find a setting and role that matches your time, talents, and interests in conjunction with our current community needs.

The most important thing you can give is yourself!

Become a Core Member: If you are an adult with an intellectual disability, we would invite you to consider L'Arche Calgary. Whether you live in one of our homes, attend Day Program, or join SILP, there are many opportunities to connect.


Become an Assistant: Consider committing for one year or longer, and become a Live-In Assistant in L'Arche Calgary! If you can't commit to living in our community, check out our other employment opportunities.

Volunteer: Our volunteers give more than just their time. We would not be here without them! Whether you are looking for a regular commitment or to help out at occasional events, we would love to have you join us!

Donate: Become a partner in our community and invest in the future of our Core Members. Whether your gift is big or small, we are so appreciative! Please visit our Donate page for more information.

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