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The L'Arche Story

In 1964, several men moved into
an abandoned cottage in
northern France.


The cottage was named L’Arche, after Noah’s Ark, hoping it would be a place of refuge and a symbol of God’s provision. This cottage in the village of Trosly-Breuil soon became a home where individuals with and without intellectual disabilities lived together. As the story of L’Arche spread, people from around the world came to Trosly-Breuil to experience life in the flourishing community. Today, L’Arche has grown into an International Federation, with 156 communities in 38 countries worldwide.

L'Arche Calgary was founded in 1973.

Sister Donna-Marie Perry FCJ, Delphine Lemire, and Pat

and Jo Lenon began L’Arche Calgary as an act of faith,

without knowing how it would be funded.


We began with one home that was generously gifted to

our community. Over the last 49 years, we have grown to

become 5 houses, a day program, and a supported

independent living program.


In our homes and programs, Core Members live and work

alongside Assistants who join us from all over the world.

People with and without intellectual disabilities experience

the rhythms of daily life alongside one another.


Whether sharing supper on a typical Tuesday or going on an outing to celebrate a special occasion, our family model of care allows us to build trust and mutual relationships.

As we enter our 50th year as L’Arche Calgary, we celebrate our past and eagerly look ahead to our future!

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