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Our Homes

There are 5 L’Arche homes in Calgary for adults with intellectual disabilities. We call our residents "Core Members" because they are at the core of everything we do. Core Members share their homes with Live-In Assistants who join us from all over the world. L'Arche uses a family model of care: Live-In Assistants reside in the house full-time - it is their home too! Each house is unique, just like its inhabitants. People with and without intellectual disabilities experience the rhythms of daily life alongside one another. 

In a L'Arche home, the beauty of a mutual relationship is exemplified every single day. We share our spirituality, pray with and for one another, welcome guests and neighbours, host family and friends, prepare and eat meals together, work together on daily chores, celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other milestones, and we even plan outings and go on vacations!


For Core Members and Assistants, our homes are a place of joy and belonging, where every person is celebrated for their unique gifts and contributions. Whether it is a typical Tuesday or a special occasion, we do life together. 

Our homes are located close to Chinook Centre and are about 5 km south of downtown Calgary. All of our homes are close to one another, so it is convenient when we get together!

Every one of our homes is fully licensed and undergoes regular inspections to ensure the highest standard of care. L'Arche works collaboratively with health professionals, government bodies, and other service providers to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of our Core Members.

For more information about our homes, please visit our Get Involved page or contact our Homes Coordinator, Dallas Frank.



Haeremai means welcome in the Maori language. The original duplex has been renovated into a single-family house.

At Haeremai, you can enjoy the greenery in the sunroom and relax in the backyard gazebo.


Annapurna is a Sanskrit word meaning giver of food and nourishment. Annapurna was built by L'Arche Calgary in 1992 and is the largest house in our community.

Villa Maria

Villa Maria means House of Mary and is another converted duplex. It has a beautiful, spacious backyard that is often used for

outdoor gatherings!


Marymount means Mountain of Mary. It is yet another converted duplex. The kitchen and dining room are definitely the heart of this house, where friends and family are often invited to share meals and celebrations.


Kichiyak means Revered One in Cree. Kichiyak is also the word used to refer to people with intellectual disabilities. Kichiyak is cozy and only a short walk away from Chinook Centre.

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