There are five L’Arche homes in Calgary for adults with developmental disabilities. We call our residents core members and they live in the homes with their live-in Assistants who come to share life with us from all around the globe. Our homes are located close to the Chinook Centre and are about 5 Km south of downtown Calgary. All homes are easily accessible to each other.

L'Arche homes are where the "mutuality of relationships" comes to life every day. We introduce spirituality, welcome guests and neighbours, keep conversations flowing while eating meals together with families and friends, pray together, celebrate birthdays and other milestones, share daily chores, plan outings and invite others to go on walks. Our core members and Assistants will always remember their home as a place of belonging and a place to celebrate the unique gifts of each occupant. Our weekends are packed full with bowling, movies, going to concerts, and exploring the natural playground just a short distance from the city.

All of our homes are fully licensed and maintain high standards of care. L'Arche works with health professionals and government bodies to ensure the safety and quality of life of each person with a disability.


Haeremai means 'welcome' in Maori and the welcome mat is always visible. The original duplex was renovated to a single family house. The members enjoy the garden and sit under the backyard gazebo while relaxing and enjoying each others company.


Marymount means 'Mountain of Mary'. This is another house that was converted from a duplex to a single home. The kitchen and dining room are definitely the heart and soul of this house where the members start their days, and where friends and families are welcomed to meals and celebrations.


Annapurna is derived from Sanskrit, meaning 'the giver of food and nourishment'. This home was built by L'Arche in 1992. This is the biggest house in the community and the only fully wheelchair accessible one. 

Villa maria

Villa Maria or ‘House of Mary’ is another converted duplex. It features a sun-filled prayer and meditation room decorated with beautiful art created by past and present members.


Kichiyak means 'Revered One' in Cree. Kichiyak is also the word that the Cree use to refer to people with developmental disabilities. This is the smallest home in L'Arche Calgary.

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