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Want to learn more about L'Arche in Canada and around the world? Check out the websites below!

Additionally, you can visit our Helpful Links page for disability resources in Alberta or

Publications to see our recent reports and newsletters.


L'Arche International

Our mission is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, working together toward a more human society.

L’Arche Canada

L’Arche in Canada has nearly 200 homes and workshops or day programs in 29 communities across Canada, from Vancouver Island to Cape Breton.

L’Arche Canada Foundation

The L’Arche Canada Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that raises funds on behalf of L’Arche Canada and is committed to transforming the lives of people with disabilities, nation-wide.

L’Arche in Alberta

There are three L'Arche communities in Alberta. In addition to L'Arche Calgary, there is L'Arche Edmonton and L'Arche Lethbridge.

L’Arche Calgary Policies

You may find policies pertaining to addressing abuses within L'Arche Calgary to be of assistance.

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