L’Arche Calgary is comprised of several parts that come together to form our community. We have homes where people with and without disabilities share life together. We also have a Day Program where core members go to work, learn or express themselves artistically. We also have a Supported Independent Living Program designated for people with disabilities who feel they need more independence than is possible living in one of the homes.

In L’Arche, we cook and eat dinner together, get together with friends, participate in activities in our neighborhoods, go on vacation together, and celebrate often. Our community is led by a Community Leader and other members of the  leadership team who provide support and ensure the well-being of all persons in our community.

To learn more about our community, open our Homes, Supported Independent Living Program, and Day Program page. 


Tamarack (Day Program)

The Day Program is called Tamarack and currently hosts core members from 9:30am-3:30pm, Monday to Friday, who form the center of their fun, active, and welcoming community. 

The Day Program provides an empowering community for individuals to flourish in, as an alternative to/or in addition to the traditional work environment.

At Tamarack, our activities are planned on a group and individual basis, with core members playing an active role in determining goals, activities, and outings. Art and music therapy play a large part in the rhythm of the Day Program, as does participation in community service projects. Overall, our Day Program seeks to build relationships and engage with other people in the broader community. 

Volunteers play a key role in enhancing the Day Program experience.

Our Little Workshop

At our day program, we make many kinds of handcrafted gifts and goodies, made with love by our core members and Assistants. Support our program by purchasing our products. If you are interested in making a purchase, call or e-mail us or just pop in!