Get Involved 

A Community of Belonging, Sharing the Lives of People with Developmental Disabilities

People who have an intellectual disability need support in their everyday lives. In L’Arche, volunteers or employees who choose to share their life ‘assist’ them in a wide variety of tasks or work in a workshop or day activity centre. L’Arche will try and find a setting that matches your own wishes and abilities, in conjunction with the openings available in the community. The most important ‘thing’ you bring… is yourself!

L’Arche is more than a service-provider. Joining L’Arche is more than a job. 

Be a live in assistant : Consider committing a year or more to living in a L’Arche community. To learn more about life as an assistant, please visit our Being An Assistant page.

Volunteer : You can be a friend to a local L’Arche community. To volunteer, please visit our Being Volunteer/ Friends page.

Donate : Become a partner in building  L’Arche Calgary communities and extending the values and vision of L'Arche. Please visit our Donate page.